I have just put four small prints in my Etsy shop. They are mounted in 300gsm acid-free card and are priced at £10 plus P&P.

IMG 20210316 121221

I wasn't happy with the last lino block, so back to the beginning and re-cut a new block to get nearer to what I could see in my mind's eye.

I think that was successful, so moved on to ink...and now I have the worst part of printing, waiting for prints to dry!

IMG 20210309 211923

Drawing is important to keep the hand eye brain links active. I am not managing every day yet, but working on it! It doesn't matter what you draw and can be better approaching something you are not used to drawing!

IMG 20210214 155951


IMG 20210127 164257

Printing day today...

three test prints on newsprint to get the block printing properly and three test prints on heavier cartridge paper.

IMG 20210127 194951