I have been working on new designs to submit to the IV International Mini Print Cantabria in Santander, Spain.

All entries are shown there, not just a selected few. 

The maximum paper size is 20cm square so suits the way I have been working of late. The prints have been made and I am hoping that they are drying quickly in the present dry heatwave! The closing date is the end of this month, so here's hoping!!

IMG 20210724 144618IMG 20210721 153935

I have just added a few cards and prints to my Etsy shop.

IMG 20210723 163715IMG 20210723 165428IMG 20210723 165748

I wasn't happy with the last lino block, so back to the beginning and re-cut a new block to get nearer to what I could see in my mind's eye.

I think that was successful, so moved on to ink...and now I have the worst part of printing, waiting for prints to dry!

IMG 20210309 211923

I have just put four small prints in my Etsy shop. They are mounted in 300gsm acid-free card and are priced at £10 plus P&P.

IMG 20210316 121221

Drawing is important to keep the hand eye brain links active. I am not managing every day yet, but working on it! It doesn't matter what you draw and can be better approaching something you are not used to drawing!

IMG 20210214 155951